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Bondo is discovered as the material to repair a dented rear. Although the damaged license plate lamp, and the brand new replacement that was given to us by the seller should have been enough of a clue. Also two more holes were discovered. Originally I thought it was for another GT6+ badge. But I was told by several people that back in those days, dealerships would drill in their own emblems. I guess thats what made Yenko Camaros so popular, but to be honest, if they ever did that to a car I wanted, I would consider the car damaged, and would not purchase, as such repairs would devalue a brand new car. I guess dealerships have found other ways, such as license plate frames, plate covers, stickers, and emblems attached via 3M adhesive tape.

Emblem area is repaired via welding, as well as the inner rear area.

Im not to sure about the meaning behind the number, but its located on top of where the rear hatch hinges. It doesnt match my body tag, thats for sure.