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Passenger Side Rear

It seems that the rust damage was there before the first restoration, and "repairing" it involved splashing some bondo into the hole, and glazing more bondo over  it

Part of the hood was recycled in many of the rust repairs.



They repaired this rust damage with actual sheet metal this time. However, they merely tack welded, and finished the job with more bondo. Strange how all the rust on this car seems to have evolved from bondo repairs.

I don't seem to have a picture, but a replacement for the wheel well damage was made.

The inside of the damaged part including previous metal work.


Passenger Side Front

If you look closely, you will see an actual plant sprout


Inside the panel was housing insulation (wet of course), about 60 acorns, and  2 red plaid fabric ties.

This rocker panel was a lot more difficult to align up properly as opposed to the driver side one which came from the same manufacturer. Later on we figured out why...

Seems that there has bee previous damage done to the door, and again they had pulled out a dent with the holes, and then bondoed over it, sculpting what they thought might be the line.

Holes welded up

Bare metal repair painted for protection.