I tried to refurbish my dash by rewrapping it in new vinyl. The original foam was too brittle. It covered your hand in yellow dust, and was too thin in many areas. It needed to be replaced. That green foam there is actually too plush, and headliner material was used instead.  All the pieces shown were painted with rust reformer. Pretty much anything that wont have POR 15 on it, will have this.

The dash is not original, but did come with the car. New holes need to drilled for the factory switches. A wood Personal/Nardi steering wheel was purchased to replaced the tattered fried one. Also you can sorta make out the holes in the floor board.

A picture of a water damaged parcel shelf and bent support column. In the other picture you can see the rust damage in the rear near the gas tank.

Picture of the new floor panels welded in. For Christmas, I got reupholstered MkI seats. Now if only I could find the rest of the MkI specific interior pieces.

I have been told repeatedly that GT6es are hot boxes, and one of the reasons for this is the transmission tunnel cover. For longevity I went with ABS plastic rather than whatever particle board was original. I also found some reflective tape that we had lying in the garage and covered it completely. Im hoping it will reflect, and made it a few degrees cooler.

For some reason there was an additional hole here (shown fixed). My guess is for drainage reasons since there always seemed to be standing water in that area. After a proper seal was added, the hole was patched up. Despite all that, no real threatening rust damage could be found.

My horn button restoration.



Fluorescent Red Testors hobby paint made all 4 of my gauge needles brand new again.

Dont know how we missed this. The cowl area with the window looked so amazing, one would assume the top would be too. The only thing I could figure was that moisture, I guess from humidity or something found its way into the pocket, and slowly ate through the metal on its way back down. We welded shut what we could, and POR15 the daylights out of the inside pocket and the rest of the interior.