Why use us?

We have years experience in web design. Most of our competitors are inexperience, and end up cheating you as well as your visitors. They end up charging an incredible amount for little work. Don't believe us? Rick click, and view their sources. They use site building programs such as Frontpage, then charge you for time and labor they did not use. These sites aren't as successful as sites created by an actual person. The sites made with programs were not designed to be viewed by other computers. So the visual effect the designers were going for is lost because the viewers had a different size monitor, browser, or even pixel setting. These programs tend to put in scripts not needed, so the page takes longer to load.

We take the time to write out our own scripts, and test them on different computers; making sure they work quickly, and effectively. We do not charge by the hour, but merely on the site itself. For estimates on prices click here. Since we've been in the web business for years, we use and recommend hosting and domain registration with the companies mentioned on our estimates page.