Streetwerks Building

Streetwerks has been providing exceptional finishes in the North Texas area for more than twelve years and has brought its talents to the collision repair marketplace. Streetwerks Collision Center, located at 540I I-35E, is new from the ground up, designed specifically to provide complete collision repair services in one facility. Streetwerks is equipped with the latest in computerized collision repair equipment capable of providing documentation of work needed and finished results. Streetwerks is the only independent collision repair facility in the Denton area capable of providing complete collision repair services under one roof.

Shark Measuring In order to ensure accurate repairs, Streetwerks has installed the latest in collision repair equipment. For chassis alignment, including full frame and uni-body vehicles, we use the Shark computerized electronic measuring system, which uses ultrasound technology to ensure accurate restoration of a vehicle.
You can be confident your car has been returned to precollision specifications. In addition to accurate chassis alignment, we use Hunter suspension alignment equipment. Hunter is the recognized leader in the suspension alignment business and in wheel and tire balancing. With Hunter's dynamometer wheel and tire balancing equipment, we can identify damaged wheels and tires prior to balancing.
We use DuPont refinishing products, known worldwide as a leader in the refinishing industry, We back up all refinish work with a qualified lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Streetwerks built its reputation on quality finishing and intends to maintain a level of quality in the collision repair environment that is unsurpassed.

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