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Frames Essay

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having frames. The major advantage of having them is easy navigation. It is a lot easier to navigate throughout sites due to the fact that the frames are constantly there. So after viewing several pages, for example, a visitor does not have to click back several times to go back to the page with links of other interests. Frames with graphic backgrounds also adds to the graphical design aspect of the site. Having frames makes a site look more professional than a single page site linked to others.

Some disadvantages however are mostly linked based. Some designers will forget to target the link correctly, therefore, it opens up in the wrong area. Also, some designers will have it so that when the link to an outside site opens, it opens up in a targeted window rather than open up a new one. This makes the page hard to view, and one must scroll around to view everything. Also related to this very same problem, is when people link to a frame site that also links to a frame site. If people do not code correctly, a viewer will end up with a frame within a frame within a frame within a frame. And that is if you are lucky. Perhaps these people believe that if they do this, their visitors are forced to stay on their site. But if you hurt your viewers eyes with this crime against HTML, you may cause the viewer to close their browser, turn off their computer, and run screaming off into the night.